Miriam Lipton


Trained as a labor relations attorney, specializing in dispute resolution, Miriam Lipton embarked on a career in real estate in 1987.  From 1987 to 1992, she developed her practice while continuing to arbitrate and mediate labor disputes. Since then, she has devoted 100% of her time to real estate and has been in the top 1% of area brokers.  Long recognized by her colleagues, clients, attorneys, and mortgage consultants for her negotiating skills, her background has endowed her with a unique perspective and an extraordinary track record. 

As a practiced facilitator in the field of negotiations, Miriam has been able to achieve creative solutions of mutual benefit to buyers and sellers. Subscribing to the holistic approach, she thoroughly engages in every aspect of the selling/purchasing process. 

For sellers, she actively participates in every stage of marketing, from staging a home, to overseeing and directing the photo shoots, to creating distinctive brochures which shine the best light on her listings.  For buyers, she fiercely guards their interests by equipping them with complete and up-to-date market information and offering them the tools with which to see the full potential in a home.  Throughout the negotiations, her insight affords an extra layer of advocacy.  Her approach is deeply personal with a commitment which endures long after the sale or purchase is concluded. 

Miriam earned a J.D. from Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law as well as an M.P.A. from New York University.  Since establishing residency in Westchester, she has actively served the communities she represents both as a broker and as a volunteer in a broad range of non profit endeavors. A resume, as well as references, will be furnished upon request.