Service & Experience
    +   Unique Offerings
    +   Houlihan Lawrence Network
  • Over 50+ years combined experience
  • 24/7 service provided by team of 3 professionals
  • Full time marketing professional
  • Floor plans
  • Single Property Websites
  • Complimentary staging
  • Team responsible for 60% of home sales dedicated to selling your home


The Glasser Lipton Team has an exceptionally deep track record of getting listings sold for the highest possible price within our clients' desired time frames. By combining our individual talents and backgrounds with the resources only available at Houlihan Lawrence, we are able to provide outstanding representation and service.

We understand that selling your home is often a very emotional and stressful process. Your home holds memories of many milestones. It is also most likely your most substantial financial asset. Our role is to achieve your goals in a seamless process, as outlined below:

1.   Initial Consultaion

We begin by discussing your goals, including financial and timing considerations. Are you looking to sell as soon as possible or do you wish to stay in your home through the end of the school year? Have you puchased another home? 

We'll also determine optimal timing for release of your listing into the market. This will vary depending upon the prevailing supply and demand in your immediate area within your home's general price range. 

2.   Extensive Study of Your Home

The Glasser Lipton Team will critically evaluate the current structure and conditions of your home.  We'll identify your home's full potential, as well as possible limitations. For instance, can the kitchen be expanded easily or is your home already at the maximum coverage area permitted. Is there room for a pool? Can your property be subdivided? Our extensive experience, knowledge of zoning regulations and relationships with builders have given us a unique ability to recognize potential opportunities that easily are overlooked.

Buyers are more likely to pursue homes that apear spacious, uncluttered and current. In some instances, this merely entails streamlining knick-knacks and decluttering closets. Others may need a fresh coat of paint or accessorizing. We can assist you in the coordination of the staging process, providing general guidance, a checklist for reference and access to our staging experts.

3.   Pricing

We are keenly aware that before an actual search begins, our buyers have availed themselves of considerable market data on the internet. Our analysis, therefore, must be both thorough and nuanced, taking into consideration your homes strengths and weaknesses against the backdrop of current offerings and recent sales. Our goal is that by the end of our presentation, you will have a full understanding of our analysis and pricing rationale. Together with you, we will arrive at an asking price which will engender the greatest interest and shine the best light on your home.

4.   Marketing 

While your home is being prepared, we develop extensive marketing materials and arrange for distribution.  We schedule a professional photo shoot of your home and compose a detailed and compelling description highlighting key selling points for inclusion in marketing materials. A member of The Glasser Lipton Team is always present to direct the shoot, thus ensuring optimal results.  We prepare a full marketing brochure of your home, floor plans, virtual tours and a single property website. 

Extensive online presence is central to our marketing efforts. Once the listing is submitted to MLS, we provide the broadest coverage by syndicating it through the Houlihan Lawrence website as well as,,, and more. Email campaigns are employed extensively to buyers and brokers within the community, New York City, the Tri-State Area. We leverage Social Media to publish listing information on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. And when appropriate, our marketing includes postings on the Christies’ and Mayfair websites for international distribution.  

5.   Our Network

We are proud to be a part of Houlihan Lawrence, the market leader in lower Westchester county, representing 60% of home sales and over four times the dollar volume of its nearest competitor. Collectively, we and our colleagues have developed an unrivaled proprietary client base of buyers. Daily, each of us is on high alert to receive information on new listings to share with our respective clients. The Glasser Lipton Team subscribes to this unique approach, utilizing this platform to promote our listings throughout this powerful broker network. We also leverage our extensive relationships throughout the wider broker community, inviting all brokers to show your home to their buyers.

6.   Superior Service

By working as a team, we are structured to provide seamless 24/7 service, ensuring continual availability and responsiveness. We pride ourselves on providing constant communication with our sellers to discuss new developments or concerns, sharing feedback from potential buyers and brokers. Our ongoing analyses enable us to maintain a constant pulse on market conditions within various communities and price points so that we can advise our clients if situations arise where positioning should be adjusted.

7.   Evaluate offers and Negotiations

An offer is more than just a dollar amount. Sometimes the best offer does not have the highest dollar amount. Based on years of experience, we counsel our Sellers  on how to weigh factors including the strength of the offer, credibility of the Buyer and various terms and conditions, such as timing, contingencies and legal implications. We will discuss strategies in response to different offers received, taking into account the strength of the offer and real time market conditions, as well as our client's personal situation.

8.   Accepted Offer and Inspections

​There are delicate and critical steps in keeping a deal together.  Drawing upon our years of successful deal making, The Glasser Lipton Team will advise and guide you through the challenges which can emerge at this time.  We will help you understand which items, if any, identified by the inspection should be addressed.  As your advocates, we are especially careful to use just the right language and tone in all of our conversations with the counter party, just as we do during the negotiations.  The Glasser Lipton Team possesses the communication skills and sensitivity to response time which are necessary to get to contract.

9.   Contract Execution           

Once all issues are resolved, the contract is signed first by the Buyer, most often accompanied by a check for 10% of the purchase price, which is deposited into the Seller’s attorney’s escrow account. The Seller then counter signs the contract.

Contracts sometimes include clauses stating that the agreement is contingent upon certain conditions, such as the Buyer being able to secure a mortgage.  This is known as a Conditional Contract.  An unconditional contract does not contain such clauses.

At this stage, issues sometimes arise as a result of appraisals, lender requirements or title problems.  Although your attorney will lead you through the contract phase of the transaction, we are here to help save the deal by answering your questions, ensuring that you understand the process and to provide resources to help rectify such challenges.

10.   The Closing 

Although your attorney will handle most aspects leading up to and through the Closing, we'll still be here for you to answer any questions and help in any way we can.