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  • Over 50+ years combined experience
  • 24/7 service provided by team of 3 professionals
  • Negotiations managed by former attorney specializing in labor negotiations and mediation
  • Exemplary relationships with architects, designers & contractors
  • Identify new construction opportunities
  • Strong relationships with builders for new construction and renovations
  • Access to information about upcoming listings from the team responsible for 60% of home sales in the local market.


Buyers might think that all realtors are the same, and that it’s fine to use a friend or neighbor because “it’s not a big deal to look at houses.”   In reality, this is one of the most important decisions in your life — and most likely, one of the largest investments you will make. Complex issues with serious implications arise all the time and the outcome can vary profoundly based on the difference in skill and experience of your realtor. Just as you would rightly expect from any other professional, you should make sure that the realtor you select can provide the level of expertise you deserve when unexpected challenges arise.

We know that buying a home can be an immense and overwhelming process. From finding a town to pricing your offer, negotiating a deal and maneuvering through a tangle of inspections and forms, we’re here to guide you and simplify the process:

1.   Initial Consultation

During our initial phone conversation, we will review your overall objectives in searching for a new home. We’ll discuss your geographic preferences, space needs, timeframe and general budget, as well as outline the steps of the home-buying process.

2.   Gain familiarity with various towns and neighborhoods

When you purchase a house, you are buying much more than brick and mortar. The house you choose will impact your daily home life, commuting time, lifestyle to name a few.   In different towns across Westchester County, you’ll find a wide variety of homes in terms of size, style, pricing, lot dimensions, community amenities and tax costs.

Along with online searches, our Town Guides and Max Search maps can help familiarize you with some local options. Still, they are no substitute for experiencing the areas firsthand.  W will take you o comprehensive tour of the towns so that you can get a sense of the different neighborhoods and amenities. We highly recommend stopping into a local restaurant or shopping area engage with the locals.  A school visit is always recommended and we are happy to make the arrangements.

If we find that there are other towns which might better meet your criteria that are outside our geographic expertise, we will introduce you to our partners in those areas who will provide the same level of service that we deliver. We will remain involved and available to you throughout the process.

3.   Loan Pre-approval

In today’s competitive market, buyers who have obtained a “pre-approval” letter from a lending institution, thereby demonstrating their borrowing power, have a strategic advantage – immediate credibility, which can make a consequential difference in getting the house you want.  It is best to secure pre-approval at the beginning of your search, so that you have a realistic idea of what you can really afford.  Additionally, with the pre-approval in place you will be prepared to present your best offer when you find the home of your dreams.  The intensity and pace that ensues when multiple offers are presented on a single property makes your readiness to act quickly an imperative.

4.   Develop your search criteria

Once you have narrowed your search to a shorter town list, we will explore your priorities and establish criteria for your search together. Among other things, this may include price, home size, style, neighborhood, lot size and taxes.

After you establish the criteria for your search, we will send you daily, weekly or monthly emails with new listings. These emails will provide pictures, property details, and other important information in real time.

5.   Look at Homes

All three of us at The Glasser Lipton Team are available to you!  You are a priority and the team approach ensures that you will always have an agent available to meet with you at your convenience.  It is not easy juggling jobs, kids and a home search.  We will ease the stress by insuring maximum availability.

You will always have access to all the latest inventory. As part of HOULIHAN LAWRENCE, the market leader involved in an estimated 60% of all real estate transactions in lower Westchester County, we are apprised of the majority of listings just as they are coming on the market. At weekly office meetings with our colleagues, we learn of opportunities and important community and legal  issues which we share with our clients

These meetings afford us a unique platform which we use to advocate for our buyers and sellers.  We preview listings being represented by all local brokers. This enables us to screen the homes in advance and best use your time to show you the ones that truly meet your needs.

The majority of homes in the Westchester market are featured in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). However, occasionally a homeowner will opt not to have their home promoted so widely. Our relationships in the industry ensure that we have access to those homes as well.

6.   Choose a Home

No matter what your price range, all properties have strengths and limitations. We’re here to help you assess all the pros and cons of the properties you are considering.

Many homes may need some work in order to achieve your vision. The Glasser Lipton Team has over 20 years of experience working with builders, architects and remodelers, both personally and professionally. We are exceptionally equipped to help you recognize the full potential of a home and have access to a network of service providers who can assess the magnitude of the project, timing and associated costs.

It is important to know that each town has its own complex zoning and planning guidelines. The Glasser Lipton Team will assist you in assessing the impact of regulations, bringing in experts when appropriate. The towns also have their own procedures for permits, inspections and tax assessments. This can feel overwhelming but we are here to help you navigate their systems.

7.   Make An Offer 

What is this house worth?  The Glasser Lipton Team will prepare, interpret and guide you through a comparative market analysis to help you determine what your offer should be.

An offer is more than just price. Terms matter.  Is your purchase contingent on getting a mortgage? Are you flexible about the closing date?  Would you consider a holdover period with a leaseback? These are just some of the many questions to be considered. Working together, The Glasser Lipton Team will help you develop effective strategies to optimally position your offer.  The depth of our experience uniquely qualifies us to help position you so that your offer and terms are well formed, compelling, and presented by us, your advocates, in a way that will distinguish you from other buyers.

We are determined to educate you so that you come to understand how much to pay for a home, to guard you against over paying, and otherwise provide you with all the tools to make an informed and wise decision

8.   Negotiate a Deal

As the most challenging stage of the entire home-buying process, this is when it is most critical to work with a broker experienced in negotiations.   We have successfully negotiated hundreds of deals over the years. Additionally, our clients benefit from our backgrounds as a labor relations attorney, a strategic planning executive and a corporate contract negotiator.

Offers may look alike, but the case we make for why your offer should be accepted will matter.  We cannot overstate the importance of our role as your advocate.  Our track record, together with the respect we have earned in our industry, will add gravitas to your bid for a home.  When evaluating competing offers, the track record of the buyer’s agent takes on great importance.

9.   Home Sweet Home

Even after the home is officially yours, we’ll continue to be there for you. As residents of these communities, we’re happy to help you settle in. Our list of service providers is exhaustive –including architects, designers, contractors, painters, electricians, landscapers and more. We can point you to everything from restaurants and dry cleaners to doctors and pet groomers! And we’re happy to introduce you to families with similar interests who will welcome you to the community.

Not a week goes by when we don’t hear from our former clients with real estate related concerns — whether looking for current comparable properties for tax greivances or for assistance with renovations. Our clients know that we will always remain trusted advisors and friends.